>> a new look

Just tell me...how pathetic is it that I draw on my own grocery list?

I think I want to make TO DO or GROCERY LIST or SHOPPING LIST notepads to sell when I open my etsy store one day. They wouldn't look a thing like the one above, but simpler and cleaner. Instead of colored pencil, I can make fantastic design using hand drawn sketches and adobe illustrator (which happen to be two of my favorite things).

Also, any comments or suggestions on my new header? I decided to ditch the brown and teal and go for a more clean look; I will always believe a solid black, white, and a beautiful deep red go gorgeous together. I think in the long run (for my future business I have plans of starting), it will be easier to color match one hue (the deep red) in my projects rather than a teal and a brown. I'm trying to get a bit of a logo/"brand" going for myself. Kind of get some sort of visual vocabulary going (a family of fonts, colors, graphic elements, etc.), you know, apply what I've learned in my classes these past two years...

Therefore, instead of JONES or alexandria jones as a lame name, I'll use december*twentieth (see the header). I'm not so certain about the umbrella, but I do love the dingbat I found (the flower/star shape). I'm really in love with it right now, but it could change completely in a few days! I also really love the typeface I used for december*twentieth. Franklin Gothic Bbook is perhaps one of my most beloved typefaces...when nothing else seems to fit, Franklin does! I think it all looks really nice, but any comments or suggestions for me? I love feedback.

:: EDIT ::
Tyler just pointed out to me that his first thought was it looks Christmas-ey, and the flowers (I'll call them jacks...they look like jacks, don't they?) look like snowflakes. Shoot. Anyone else get a Christmas-ey impression? Help? (Maybe if I used a different, less festive color that doesn't remind everyone of poinsettias? Would that help? A warm lime green, perhaps?)


Lauren said...

it doesn't make me think of christmas, but it definitely does look like snow/rain. maybe if you choose a different color the red could be the logo on your chrismas line!

Courtney said...

Can you color my grocery list? I like the black and white stripes, how about a red umbrella with the stripes instead of snowflakes.
P.S. It can look a little festive, it is december