Memorial Day in Denver

Let's start out with my favorite picture from the weekend:

This past weekend Tyler and I visited the Boring family in Colorado. The drive was beautiful, but much more than 256 miles as it says below. The drive was 500 miles, but 75% of the way was beautiful, lush, and green.

The Colorado river:

24 Road (for all you 24 fans out there...)

Mack Road:

There was actually quite a bit of snow still on the mountains we were passing. Hopefully it will all be melted by the end of June?
We drove in a tunnel THROUGH A MOUNTAIN. Cool, eh? It was the longest tunnel I'd ever been in! {I suppose if you don't count the underwater tunnel from London to Paris.}
A real exit, I promise:

Tyler and I fell in love with the green and red mountains. What a brilliant contrast in colors!

When we arrived mid-Friday afternoon, we decided to run errands and then go to Sweet Tomatoes. I think Sadie ate just as much or more than the rest of us!

Morgan was so excited to sit by "Untel Tyler"! She shared most of her food with him.

And during bath time, Morgan spelled UNCLE TYLER with her blocks. She's so smart!

How adorable is this?

Mommy Mackenzie made Morgan and Sadie easy aprons out of an oven mitt (or hand towel) and a matching dish towel! So cute!

We attended the ward Primary Talent Show because Brian is the Primary chorister. {On a side note, Morgan had a little fall and cut her lip open that night. She's okay now and doesn't even notice her fat, blue lip. These are all pre-bloody pictures...Brian and Morgan looked like they had slaughtered an animal!)

One of the Primary girls made chocolate chip cookies for her talent, and shared them with everyone. Tyler was one of the first in line (with all the little kids) to get a cookie!

We saw this sign on a light post on the way home. Chihuahua, anyone?
I love funny spelling errors.

On Monday, we almost got rained out at the Dodgers/Rockies game! But the weather in the city turned out to be cool and overcast. It was perfect!
{I thought Morgan slightly resembled Willy Wonka.}

We all thought the Rockies stadium was the most boring crowd-interaction baseball game we'd ever been to. The announcer would go almost an entire inning before speaking! Nevertheless, we did have a lot of fun.

Here's a picture of us right before we left the game to go home. {Nasty...I look like I gained 60 lbs!}

We had a GREAT weekend. Thanks so much to Kenzie and Brian for letting us come!

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