"In the year 3000, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook will merge to form one super time-wasting website called YouTwitFace." - Conan O'Brien


kwistin said...


and thanks for the portfolio direction, alie! i think i'll do it!

ps, 'ne me quitte pas mon cher...ne me quitte pas?' regina?

...i love paris in the rain. :)

Alie said...

yep, good ol' regina.

"don't leave me my dear" is what it means.

tyler early this morning to go to irvine. i miss him already.

kwistin said...

yes...i love those lyrics. i'm sorry he has to leave :( why does he have to go, and for how long?

ps, we just might join you saturday night, if the invite's still open :)

Alie said...

He's at a summer leadership program for ernst&young, a company that recruits the business school a lot. he'll only be gone til tomorrow night, but this is a first for us.

and YES you can totally come! i'll have to give you a call tomorrow and fill you in on the details.

Courtney said...

Rich says "you think it'll take that long?"