I need to clear my mind.

There's a clogging class full of little kids right across the hall from my office. All day, the instructor has been shouting the line from High School Musical, "What team?" and the little kids will scream, "WILDCATS!!!" They are also learning the HSM "We're All in This Together" dance. I kind of want to go watch them (and maybe learn it?!). They're so into it that it's kind of cute. But then again, the fact that they've been screaming and cheering and clogging all day is pinching my every last nerve.

The office has been really dead today, and it's been almost eerie. And every once in a while (like right now, actually), the entire room will shake as if in a small earthquake. I don't think it's an earthquake or the clogging kids, but something to do with the air conditioner being fixed. Man, it's warming up in here.

Tyler is gone. I dropped him off at the airport bright and early this morning, and he'll be gone til tomorrow night. It's a strange feeling. I'm sure most of you married folk have been without your spouse at one time or another, but do you remember the first time it happened? We haven't been through this before. I think it's affecting me a lot more than it is Tyler...but then again, he's sure got a lot to keep him busy. He's the one traveling to far, exotic places (like to the Ernst & Young office in Irvine, CA), meeting new people, and eating good food. I already cried a bit on my drive from the airport to work today, and tonight shouldn't be any better.

I don't like to be alone. And it's not like I have children to keep me company, it's just me, myself, and I in our little apartment for two days. And I'm scared of the dark. (Have I admitted that before?) I hate being alone with the thoughts in my head when the lights are out...all the ghost stories I've ever heard and every horror movie I've ever watched comes to the front of my mind. So tonight should be interesting. You might get a phone call from me. Good thing Tyler will only be gone one night.

{On a final note: There goes the building shaking again.There's a soft rumbling, and then it seems to come closer and closer until the room starts shaking. I feel like things could come crashing down at any moment! The door is rattling and the pictures are vibrating, and I'm the only one here. Did we go over the fire drill plan when I was hired? Oh boy.}

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kwistin said...

I'm so sorry sweetie! If there is anything you need, just let me know! Even if you get too scared...I live in a house with plenty of room. :)