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Does anyone have a Polaroid camera I can borrow?!

That's right, folks...Tyler and I are going to NEW YORK CITY in August!

Strawberry Fields, Central Park, hot dogs, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge...oh, NYC will be wonderful.

I'm so excited that we'll get to go on a trip this summer that isn't just to visit family. (No offense; you know I love you guys!) It'll be nice to explore the big city all by ourselves, as the last time I went as a senior in high school it was pretty restricted. {Our schedule was pretty much traveling for two of the four days, and though we played in Central Park and at Carnegie Hall (!!!), we didn't get much sight-seeing in.} I hope every year, or at least every two years, we can get a family trip in. They don't all have to be to big cities and exotic places, but my goal before I die is to see the world with the people I love the most.

Won't it be glorious? We've already made plane reservations, and we're staying right in down-town Manhattan at a quaint little hotel called The Da Vinci. {Perfect for an artist, no?} We also bought tickets to see Wicked, and the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island. We'll eat giant pepperoni pizza, walk the Brooklyn Bridge, go to the museum of modern art, and ride the subways. We'll see ground zero up close and personal, ride the toys-r-us giant indoor ferris wheel, and play game at FAO Schwarz. I'm excited to take and post pictures; I wish I had a nice SLR, but my camera will do. It doesn't take bad pictures most of the time. :)

It's strange how much I gravitate towards big cities. I love traveling to them. There's so much to do there, and so many little hidden treasures in such a small space. It's like a game for me, finding little glimpses of happiness and serenity here and there amongst such a flustered, busy population. I can't wait to pick up little trinkets and brightly-colored things to go in our house, one of which HAS to be an I ♥ NYC shirt. How did I not grab one the last time I went?!

Anyway, I'm excited for our trip. Thanks for listening.


The Boring Family said...

Have a fun trip! Maybe you and I can go one day, since Brian has vowed to never return to New York City!

Nikki said...

Oohhhh I hope you get to go to Strawberry Fields! I remember I really wanted to go on the Carnegie trip but we didn't have time. :( Someday I'll make it there. :)

Courtney said...

Thats exciting! Have a fun trip!