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My family had extreme female dominance growing up. With four girls plus mom, dad and my brother were severely outnumbered. Thus, movies like Star Trek never made it to our house. I don't even think I knew what it was until high school, and even then I thought it was weird that anyone would ever get into it.

However, Tyler and I have heard fabulous reviews about the new Star Trek movie, and decided (because we had a free movie ticket) to go check it out on Friday night. Everything I have to say about that movie is wonderful! Even the website is really cool.

MY REVIEW: It was action-packed, with a little bit of humor and romance in all the right places! It wasn't really even that nerdy, and the characters were all very likeable. I really enjoyed it, and would definitely see it again. The graphics were good, and I loved the music. I actually sat there wishing we could have played something like that in the Vista Band years ago! (by the way, who knew they recently got back from a trip to Great Britain?! wow.) Overall, I'd recommend it. I think Tyler and I will go see it again when it hits the Dollar Theater in the fall.


The Boring Family said...

My first encounter with Star Wars was on a date--talk about a long 3 hours. I didn't like the guy OR the movie and kept checking the clock. Was it curfew yet??? Maybe we'll give this one a shot when it hits redbox.

Nikki said...

Band in Great Britain - I KNOW RIGHT?? Sometimes I feel like Anderson came to work at Vista just so he could make use of the British/Scottish themes as much as possible, haha. By the way, he wore a kilt at Tattoo. A KILT.

Alie said...

A KILT? oh boy.

Lauren said...

"Star Trek fans outraged new film is exciting, enjoyable"