Project Natal

{No, the title does not suggest that I am pregnant.}

Despite the strange name, Project Natal is a creepy attempt to capture reality in the presence of your own home. It's a bit too interactive for me....experience life OUTSIDE your tv!

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aaaaaand...kendle tagged me. i won't tag anyone because i can't say i even have eight blogger friends.

[8 favorite tv shows]
1. the office
2. parks & recreation
3. 24
4. king of queens (reruns on the cw)
5. the bachelor(ette)
6. iron chef
7. 30-minute meals with rachael ray
8. any design show on hgtv

[8 things i did yesterday]
1. stayed home from work on account that i have felt sick to my stomach all week long
2. read the memory keeper's daughter, almost finished!
3. updated the blog
4. went to smiths for a short grocery run
5. held tyler's hand
6. ate a purple otter pop
7. made mine and tyler's lunches
8. took a long, hot shower

[8 restaurants i love]
1. cafe rio
2. red robin
3. chilis
4. the old spaghetti factory
5. el gallo giro
6. upper crust (vista)
7. mamas & papas (vista)
8. tucanos

[8 things i'm looking forward to]
1. going to NYC with tyler in august
2. my art history class ending
3. starting a family :)
4. going camping on the beach with my family
5. getting a graphic design job
6. starting an etsy store
7. moving to california
8. turning twenty-one (finally)

[8 things on my wish list]
1. cute, mustard-yellow flats
2. a really nice camera
3. infinite time to spend with tyler
4. a graphic design job
5. a renewed interest in my sketchbook
6. long, beautiful hair
7. world peace
8. (lots of) money so we can travel to far, exotic places


kendle sue said...

lol... thanks for humoring me!! :)

John said...
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The Boring Family said...

Morgan talks about her birthday party with Untel Tyler EVERY DAY!!! "When we go to the beach, it will be mine birthday party with Untel Tyler. Mommy, is there water at the beach? It will be mine birthday with Untel Tyler at the beach..." and on and on and on...Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!