Adventures with the Joneses

Yesterday we started cleaning out the spare bedroom and found multiple sheets of bubble wrap.
You can only guess what we did next...we jumped on it! It was one of the loudest sheets of bubble wrap I've ever jumped on. It was endless! (I tried to get action shots of Tyler jumping, but it turns out you can't jump very high in a basement apartment with low ceilings and no padding on the floor. Stupid, cheap carpet.)
Next we went to the park. Well, if felt like the park to me. I sprawled out on the green, itchy grass and delved into Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Tyler and Colin played tennis. It was a great game until the last 3 rounds or so (are they even called rounds? Tyler is going to kill me because I said that wrong...) they were both exhausted and so pooped they barely even tried. It got to be pretty amusing to me: when they'd hit the ball to each other, the receiving end would sometimes just stand there and let it go instead of running for it. I don't blame them though--an hour and a half in 94 degree weather can kill you!

But good job, my friends. Really. Way-to-go.

I also completed our wedding album yesterday! Now when people ask to see it, I can show them. (Okay, I'm telling a small fib. I didn't actually complete it per say, but I rather finalized which pictures are going where. I just have to wait for a snapfish.com sale and then order them all. And then paste them in. So there really is a lot of work left over, but the hardest part is done!)


The Boring Family said...

Bubble wrap is the best! And, that salad looks delicious! We'll have to give it a try--is that the 1/2 recipe or do I need to do the math?

Alie said...

The one I posted was the full recipe. I also forgot to add green onions to it, so I went back and fixed it. However, I didn't have green onions so I just left them out.

Linze Kate said...

I found your blog - haha! I am linked to Tyler's old one, but nothing is ever written on there. Thus, I will have to checkup on here to see what's up with y'all! Haha...

I'm glad to see things are going well - I just love you both!

P.S. Alex - You have a REALLY great eye for angles and colors in photography - have you ever taken a class? I know you do graphic design, but really you should do some photography on the side or something - you have a natural, raw talent!

Alie said...

Thanks Linze! I wish I could take a class but I don't have a nice enough camera. Not yet, anyway...