Oh, the joys of living in cheap married student housing.

Below, you will see a picture of my sweetheart plunging our bathroom sink.
Yes, with the toilet plunger.

Our sink hasn't drained for weeks, and it's made it a hassle to even brush your teeth.
So we decided to do something about it.
This is the mess the sink makes when you forget to cover the hole at the top of the bowl. The sound it makes when it hits the wall and mirror is like a giant SPLAT! The sound I make is more of an "Ewwww...."

This has become both Tyler and I's favorite part of our house. It is a large, poorly cut hole in the bathroom wall with a pipe and lever exposed. Whoever lived before us kindly left a picture frame around it, so now we view it as a piece of 3-d art rather than an awkward, dirty hole in the wall.


Robyn said...

In the picture of Tyler plunging the sink, there are 3 toothbrushes in the holder. Why are there 3? Is one for Tyler, and you use one toothbrush for the top row of teeth and the other for the bottom? :)

Alie said...

Haha, nice attention to detail! I actually think that extra toothbrush was because the last time we went to visit my parents, Tyler forgot my toothbrush at home. The day we left to drive to CA, his toothbrush was already packed so he took mine out of my toiletry bag (which wasn't packed yet because of my makeup and stuff) and forgot to put it back in. So my mom gave me a new one, and I use both. Pretty much whichever one I grab...

Yes, I could have shared toothbrushes with Tyler, but my mom took pity on me. :)