Weekend Adventures

Our weekend adventure involved Trafalga (miniature golfing + dippin' dots + air hockey + batting cages), and lots of laughing.

We also decided to tackle the spare bedroom again (I don't know how it keeps getting so messy! UGH.) and this time hopefully keep it neat and tidy. We went on a Walmart spree and bought a bunch of 18-gallon tubs for $3.50. WOW, what a steal! I think between our tubs and our Baggu bags, we had the most colorful cart in all of Walmart.

{ On a side note, I'd like to state how impressed I am with our Baggu Bags (see my post here). They have held up quite nicely and have saved us so much time and effort! Now we only have to take two trips from the house to the car instead of five or six. We replaced 15-20 plastic bags with our five Baggu bags. We fit over $120 of groceries, odds & ends, and school supplies in all five bags with room to spare! And we're helping the environment every time we forgo the plastic and go for our Baggus. I just get so happy every time I use them! }

This is how our house looked like while we were cleaning out room #2. We got rid of a lot of stuff and made a huge trip to D.I...it was so nice to get rid of things!

Also, as a side note, see that white tub with the yellow top? 50 cents at the Creamery. What a great tub to use for food storage! Our will soon have rice in it.

I labeled every tub that went out to the storage shed. Stuff that says STORAGE on the label means that doesn't need to come in the house.
While cleaning out we found this lovely school-bus yellow sweatsuit that Tyler and his brother made when they were little. It's an adult-sized medium, haha, so which parent had the pleasure of wearing it?
This was my favorite box. While all the other boxes were organized and had like-items in them, there did end up being a few stray items at the end of our cleaning spree that we threw together.
We found a GIANT tub for $10 at Walmart (again...what a deal!) and placed all my artwork in it. Every figure drawing sketch, paintings, illustrations, you name it. My graphic design stuff stayed in my zip-up portfolio because it is more fragile.
Ta da! I know it doesn't look uncluttered, but you haven't seen the size of our kitchen. Or perhaps you have, and then you completely understand why we had to put all of our kitchen appliances on shelves in here.
You see, our kitchen is the size of a postage stamp. It really is. I have two cupboards in which to place all of our cups, plates, pots & pans, mixing bowls, utensils, you name it. Our counter space is a rolling wooden cart that's counter is no bigger than 2.5' x 1.5'. The entire kitchen is no wider than a small hallway. We're very limited on space.
After 8 long hours of cleaning, we were exhausted. But it was worth it. We had a really fun weekend. Today Tyler's family is coming into town and we're going to Tucano's for lunch. Thank goodness for their birthday club--one free meal during your birthday month makes it more feasible for us to go! We've got a busy week ahead of us: lunch on monday, babysitting for couples who want to go to ward temple night on tuesday, helping the harrops move on wednesday, tennis on thursday, and helping with an estate sale on friday!

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