happy birthday!

We've finally come home from vacation! (we've come home from "hibernation" is more like it...) However, I didn't bring my camera cord to work with me, so I don't have pictures to post. Yet.

On a much better note, it's Husband's birthday today!
Happy birthday, Tyler dear.

In honor of the fabulous 23 years he has spent here on earth, here are 23 things I adore about Mr. Tyler Shaw Jones:

1-He makes our marriage his top-priority in life.
2-He loves me unconditionally. Even when I'm stubborn.
3-He makes (and keeps) friends easily. I'm jealous of this.
4-Everyone loves him. I haven't met someone yet that he doesn't get along with.
5-He dresses well. This is especially important.
6-He's excellent at comforting people, especially me. He always knows just what to say.
7-He loves to read up on "fascinating" random computer/nerdy facts and share them with me. I become more educated this way. (For example, did you know that Google is coming out with an operating system similar to Linux? Windows is scared its sales will drop significantly from this.)
8-He is excellent at taking note on things I like and dislike, and remembers them at key moments, usually for surprising me.
9-He might not want me to share this, but he is a fan of The Bachelorette. This only makes him more of a man to me. :)
10-Tyler is extremely attractive. Really, the man is gorgeous.

11-His smile makes me melt. It's warm, cozy, and something I couldn't live without.
12-He does more than his part around our "house", doing dishes, folding laundry, etc.
13-Tyler is the smartest individual I know. He aces some of the most difficult and grueling classes at BYU.
14-He strives to excel and reach the top in whatever he does.
15-He is a great cook. This is important, because I am not.
16-He values family, and keeps in close contact with both of our families.
17-He makes many sacrifices for me, which I appreciate and can never thank him enough for.
18-His singing abilities provide a good laugh for anyone within earshot.
19-Tyler makes me laugh. He can make almost anyone laugh.
20-Tyler keeps up with the world news. He knows politics and history, and if for some reason he doesn't, he'll look it up.

21-He can answer almost any question I throw at him. He isn't bothered by my naivety.
22-He has an impeccable memory for names and faces. (Everyone he introduces me to is from his freshman ward, four years ago?)
23-He's someone I (and anyone) will always be able to trust. I know he's honest and dependable. He's one of those few really good guys.

I love you, Tyler! Happy birthday!

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