Provo, Oceanside, and Bakersfield

This past week and a half Tyler and I kept busy busy busy! (As busy as you can be on vacation, that is.) Brian and Mackenzie met up with us Friday night in Provo, and we visited the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House. The inside was absolutely breathtaking. I'd like to take a few hints from their interior decorator! It was sophisticated and reverent, yet modern at the same time. I loved it.
That same night, we celebrated Morgan's birthday yet again! The entire month of June was Morgan's birthday, according to her. Here she is below with the Nordstrom girls. Aren't they all so cute??

We left early the next morning for our trip to Oceanside. Below you can see one of the many uncomfortable positions Morgan can sleep in. I also snapped a few photos of Sadie's first adventure with the AquaDoodle. She didn't even need the pen to have fun!

This is my favorite bridge; it reminds me of home.

Morgan is an exceptionally bright three-year old. You can't keep her occupied with mundane, silly things like most kids...this one you've got to kick the activities up a notch. Here she is playing dominoes - matching each together by color and number. Wow.

These are some funny sand birds I discovered while Tyler was surfing. Look at the one on the left - his head is in the sand!

We went to the San Diego County Fair and saw a Monster Truck Rally. We also saw "Transformers", which turned out to be transforming cars that shot fire.

Also at the fair were these really cool bug-like cars. You can sit on them, and they just go! Tyler had a really fun time playing with the little kids.

In Bakersfield, Kendall (Tyler's brother) and Todd (Tyler's dad) went dumpster diving for 2-liter soda bottles. Actually snapping a picture of them doing this was too great of an opportunity to pass up.


Courtney said...

Busy vacation, but you got a lot of great pictures.

The Boring Family said...

We're so glad you guys came! We had a lot of fun, but don't know if we'll ever be brave enough to take a road trip again! Love the pics! Could you send them to me so I can get better quality prints? Thanks.