Jon Schmidt

Check out this beautiful piano and cello duet from Jon Schmidt, combining the songs "Love Story" (Taylor Swift) and "Viva La Vida" (Coldplay). So beautiful!

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Linze Kate said...

I found this awhile ago and am IN LOVE with it... He needs to release it to buy ASAP - haha!

Oh, and as for liking the alone time - I am Little Miss Suzy Social, and have been my whole life... I still really like to hang out with people and consider myself a people person... but I REALLY like alone time too. A LOT lately...

As I've gotten older (granted I am only 23) and graduated (last year) I find alone time nice more and more... You're not any weirder than me (that might not be comforting - haha!) - It just happens... :)

Enjoy the day! *muah*