Sometimes I think I'm strange, and I don't quite fit in how I should. I don't quite crave the social life I used to a couple of years ago. In fact, most nights I am quite content sitting at home on the couch and reading a book.

Funny story though. The other day, Tyler played tennis with his work friend Colin, and I decided to go get some fresh air with them. I was laying on the grass, very intrigued by a book (Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, by Mary Roach...very fascinating read, actually) when a nineteen-year old girl approached me and inevitably talked my ear off for the next hour and a half. I never learned her name, but I learned just about everything else about her. She talked a lot about going to cosmetology school (lucky me...), living in spanish fork, how her boyfriend plays way too many video games and how he won't get a job, how pretty and sparkly my ring is and how she wants a huge rock really badly but doesn't want to get married, how her boyfriend isn't LDS but it's okay to settle because he is really nice, how she doesn't like sports and doesn't know anything about any of them, how much tuition costs at BYU, what happens when you are late for hair school and all the fines and fees she got because of it...you get the idea. This girl literally hit every subject possible in an hour and a half conversation. And the worst part was that I was stuck. She just plopped right down next to me and started talking, and Tyler and Colin had only been playing for about ten minutes. It's not that I didn't want to help her with all of her problems and be the friend (or stranger, in this case) that she needed, but ... okay, the truth is going to have to come out. I really didn't want to have anything to do with her after about ten minutes. I was perfectly content sitting on the lawn reading my cadaver book when she came along.

Is it normal to want to be left alone? Tyler said I am a good listener, and so people like to confide in me. Maybe I am. I love it when friends confide in me and I like to help them, but when a complete stranger chooses to share her life story with me on the grass by the tennis courts, that gets a little bit weird. Experiences like this (random strangers confiding in me) have happened to me more often than one would think. Hmmm. Tyler also told me I look approachable. Is it the curly hair? The big nose? I don't see it. Maybe I chose the wrong profession.

Perhaps it's not the fact that I like to be left alone, it's just a fear of girls. I think I have a fear of being around too many women. Relief Society is great, don't get me wrong, but after one hour I'm ready for some male testosterone. And living in the dorms was awful...so much drama all the time! And I hate it when girls get that high, squeaky-pitched giggle. I think I've just been surrounded by too much of it and can't handle it anymore. It just goes to show how 0ne complements the other, how males complement females so well.

Anyway, there's my rant for the week. Sorry guys.

Next week, Nikki and Lauren are coming to visit! Lauren has a wedding to go to in Salt Lake City on Friday night, and so Me, Tyler, Nikki, and Colin (the same Colin as above...we'll call him Tennis Colin) are going to go out and do something equally as fun and enjoyable. We're thinking about doing an activity from the 100 hour board. Fun! Then on Saturday we're going to hike the Timp Caves. And maybe go to Temple Square. I'm excited! Any suggestions?

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