Parking Ticket

Tyler and I were walking to school this morning when we saw a car, not two blocks from our house, that had a green parking ticket on it. We kind of stood there looking at the car, thinking, "What did they do wrong?" We even wanted to open up the envelope to see what the offense was. Turns out almost every car down that street had a green "parking ticket" on it. We knew something was fishy...

So we took a closer look. They weren't parking tickets at all (I did make a comment about how it didn't look like an envelope on the first car and they usually are) but rather fake tickets. I think the point was well-proved.

The Provo city council wants to start charging a monthly fee for individuals to park on the streets outside their house or complex. It's starting to become a big deal here, and students are worried that it will actually be passed and we'll have to pay to park in front of our own house. It's ridiculous, really, and a stupid way to make money. Read a better perspective here.

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Cameron said...

That wins five points for really effective advertising! I don't even live south campus and now I'm all four the student cause!