Spanish Fork Rodeo

Sorry for the long absence! I've been really sick this past weekend, fighting an infection(for the third time) and the flu at the same time. Nearly wiped me out!

On Saturday we had the pleasure of taking Tyler's younger brother Kendall to the Spanish Fork Rodeo. It was a lot of fun! Sorry for the ridiculously awful pictures. I can do better than that, but we were far away and it was dark. In a battle between me and the camera, I clearly lost.

Sorry it's hard to see, but I thought this was too funny! During one event, little kids rode sheep as long as they could. While setting up for the event, they sent out about ten sheep, and they all cowered together in the middle of the ring. As soon as a little kid fell off while riding, the sheep would immediately run towards the flock again. Then they sent out a horse to "round up" the sheep single handedly!
Here is a picture of a little boy hanging on for dear life:
Ouch. He biffed it.
A man came out and rode on two bulls, standing up with one foot on the back of each bull. The he got them both to do the little trick they make the elephants do at the zoo:
And he made one lay down and play dead.
Then he lit a rope on fire and swung it around above their heads. They didn't even flinch. Apparently he has trained these bulls for over ten years and is the only professional to do this and perform it in the world.
They also had a trailer-loading contest...this one was pretty funny. A bunch of old guys hopped out of their trucks, got the horse out of the trailer and saddled, and then rode it around the arena picking up another individual. Then they had to get the horse unsaddled and back into the trailer as quickly as possible. It was pretty humorous to watch...can you imagine Dad running around his truck and trailer doing this?! Hehe. :)
Here is the bull-riding. Pretty impressive.
On the way home, we passed by a thermometer that read 266 degrees Fahrenheit! It really feels like that in Utah sometimes...

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The Boring Family said...

Oh, the SF Rodeo! I went a couple of times and loved it! I think the trailer-loading contest and the mutton-busting are my favorite events! Hope you're feeling better....