Pizzeria 712

We decided to try out the new pizza place in Orem called Pizzeria 712. OH MY GOODNESS! Talk about deliciousness. I don't even like vegetables, but this was amazing beyond belief.

We sat outside. Looking back, this is the only thing I regretted about our dining experience. I wouldn't recommend sitting outside because although the tables were aesthetically pleasing and the twinkly lights set the mood, the chair wouldn't scoot in far enough to sit comfortably so I was on the edge of my chair the entire dinner. And the tables are tiny. Sit inside and enjoy the atmosphere instead.

We were immediately greeted by our waiter with this awesome glass bottle from Ikea. (I think I might have to invest...for $1.99, what a great way to keep water cold in the fridge!) Our waiter was very kind, and was always on top of refilling our water glasses.

Tyler insisted that because they had Coke in glass bottles from Mexico on the menu that we order one. He has always raved about how good they are because they use real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Good choice. It was so flavorful and much more sweet than regular Coke, which meant I was fuller faster and didn't have to drink as much to be satisfied.

Instead of chips and salsa (like a Mexican restaurant would serve when you sit down), they served fresh, warm pita bread and homemade hummus. The hummus was flavorful and you could tell it was also fresh by the texture. It had a softer texture than that of store-bought hummus, which made it easier to eat.
Because the pizzas are sized like CPK and are weird sized (they aren't big enough to feed two, but are too big for one person) we ordered an appetizer recommended by our server. Oven-roasted corn drenched with a mayonnaise and chili powder sauce. It was very yummy, and I'm going to try to duplicate it at home. (Tyler said he has eaten this before on the streets of Mexico.)
Our pizza arrived promptly after our appetizer. The timing of everything was great because we never waited more then a few minutes between courses. We ordered a pizza with carmelized red onions, potato, rosemary, and fontina cheese. The combination of potato and rosemary was delicious! The crust was thin, but perfect with the thinly sliced potatoes. It wasn't too starchy or too cheesy. I felt healthy while eating it.

Our bill came to about $25 plus tip, but next time I'd just order two pizzas instead of an appetizer, and just get water. I felt satisfied (not overly stuffed like I sometimes feel at restaurants) but Tyler went home a little bit hungry. He can get his own pizza next time and that should fill him up. Overall, I think we both loved it! I'd definitely go again.

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kwistin said...


did i tell you about this place? because if i didn't, i definitely should have. it's one of my favorite restaurants on earth!

light...but filling. i love love love it. my best friend's family has a farm and that's who they get their fresh veggies from. fyi. ;)

i go there every chance i get.