Tyler and I have desperately needed a bed for months now. Our mattress and box spring have been on the floor for seven months, and recently with all the bugs it's really become a problem. I mean, a really bad problem. Word to the wise (and unwise, for that matter): if you live in a run-down, cheap basement apartment, don't leave your mattress on the ground.

Nonetheless, I hope everything is okay now. I'm still planning on calling our landlord to get a bug man out here, but getting a bed and raising it all off the ground should really help. Tyler thinks I'm crazy about all of this, but it's gross to have bugs, especially in your bed!

So we went to the Home Depot and spent over an hour planning, measuring, and calculating out bed plans to make a bed ourselves.
We measured and picked out all the wood, and spent a long time drawing out the plans and what not. It all seemed like a great idea in our head! But then we got to picking out a drill, and both realized this was not going to be a $50 project like we had hoped. We both looked at one another, and Tyler said, "Do you just want to go buy a bed frame?" And so off we went, throwing all of our carefully laid out plans out the window, to buy a bed.
We found one at the RC Willey Clearance Outlet that fit in our budget. I just didn't like the color. So we sanded it down and painted it! (I felt like an idiot because we painted outside in the dark last night.) With a lot of help from both of our neighbors keeping us company, we finished and finally took it into the house around 11:00pm. And finally had it all set up around 12:45am. Five Home Depot trips later, here it is!

We love it! We still have to get more screws to tighten it up, but it's wonderful!

EDIT: For those of you who are curious about the color, it's more of a slate-blue rather than a baby blue. It's grey-ish, not nursery-ish.

We also got cinder blocks for more support and raised the bed quite a bit last night. Now a laundry basket can fit underneath! It's sturdy and high and we love it!


Kim said...

way cute- just curious, what color did it start out

Alie said...

It started out a beige-ish color. It wasn't bad, but had no color to offer our already blah room.

The Boring Family said...

Good job. So, is it just a headboard attached to a metal frame or the whole bed??? Looks cool! I have wanted to paint ours, but I doubt it will ever happen.

Courtney said...

Looks good! If you have bugs in your mattress you might need to wrap it all in plastic for a while to kill the bugs (like what you do with the kids stuff if there is lice)
How did you jam turn out?

Alie said...

I triple checked out mattress and there aren't bugs INSIDE it...yet. So I bought a vinyl zippered cover for the box springs and a nicer zippered cover for the mattress yesterday. I think it will be good.