Baggu Bags

For those of you who have been dying to know how I like my Baggu Bags (see this post), I LOVE THEM! Tyler loves them too, I think. They fit perfectly in my purse and thus are easy to remember to bring to the store with us. And I feel better about grocery shopping because of them! I get so excited to pull them out at the checkout and we actually have gotten compliments on them. They're really bright and fit the equivalent of four to five plastic grocery bags. I've been amazed at how much they actually hold and how strong they are. We love to take them camping and on picnics, and they do great in the laundry! To sum it up, you should go buy some right now. Go here or here. (The second link is my favorite because you can mix and match and pick your own colors. Isn't the rhubarb a fantastic color?)

But really. Go buy some right now. You look cool, feel cool, and save the environment to boot.

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