salt lake city

Poor University of Utah sign.
Okay, not really. I have zero pity for the University of Utah. However, their pizza down the street from The Pie was delicious and 23" large. We thought we could finish (3 pieces a person...that's not too bad, right?) but we were terribly wrong. We ended up going home with probably seven pieces of pizza leftover.
Here is a view from the roof of the conference center in Salt Lake City. It was made to look like the weeds and wild flowers that greeted the pioneers when they arrived in Salt Lake. It amazes me that they made the roof of a building look not-so-much like the roof of a building. Hmm.
Here we are with the cutest little tour-guide named Howard.
A drinking fountain with a pedal!

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Nikki said...

I loooooooove the picture of you and Tyler in front of the temple, I can't get over it!!

Also, the pizza looks SO delicious in that picture, I wish I could go back and eat some more, haha.