BYU vs. FSU... reflections

I doubt anyone reads this blog to read much about BYU football, but I'm going to write anyway. When BYU loses, I take it very hard. However, throughout the wins and losses, I try to distinguish not only that something wrong was happening, but how it was going wrong. You can even ask Alie... I stayed until the last minute of the game to figure out what it was that was falling apart.

I read this article today from DeepShadesofBlue.com. They aren't aiming to gripe or complain like some sites. They aren't explaining that things went wrong, but how they went wrong. They go a little deeper than your nightly SportsCenter reporting. The site is maintained and authored by several ex-BYU players such as Ben Criddle, Quinn Gouch (who founded the site).

And thanks to this site, I finally understand things that happened last Saturday that caused us to lose.


We really need to get some players on the defense some experience. We need to mix things up for Max Hall.

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