No. 7 no more

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This past weekend turned out to be a dud. Okay, not entirely, but the football loss sure brought down any Saturday night plans. Our defense simply failed, and as a result so did we, making our loss the first home game loss since 2005. Goodbye, 18 home win streak. I suppose this Saturday we'll be starting back at 1 again...

Friday night was great, though. Tyler and I participated in a Murder Mystery Dinner, which ended up to be a lot of fun. Playing up the Roman theme, we got all dressed up in bed sheet togas and trekked down to Spanish Fork (it was held in a stake center cultural hall because there were 40 of us—6 tables of 8). Our friends Kim and Cameron were at our table, which ended up to be a lot of fun (thanks guys!). I wish I had pictures, but perhaps someone else will post them online?

Sunday was the most relaxing day by far. Oh, how I love Sundays. Tyler and I share the best laughter together on Sundays. : ) Our giggle fits are contagious and we just laugh and laugh and laugh so much. Sundays are fantastic at the Jones household.
Yesterday (Sunday, the 20th) also marked 9 months of marriage for Tyler and I, and 29 for my parents. Congrats, Mom and Dad! : )
(just look at how in love my parents are.
do you see how dad is looking at mom? you can tell he loves her so much!)

Sorry about the lack of blogging. I can't keep up with blogging, work, and a full-time school schedule. My classes are going well, though, and so are Tyler's. My favorite class so far is my Modern Art History class (Surprising, I know! But the teacher turned out to be fantastic, and I love that it's modern art, not 16th-century political art). I also really love my cooking class. My teacher's goal for the semester is to make us love cooking. And I already do. I can't wait to use the kitchenaid in this week's lab! (I really think I'm going to start saving up for one. Maybe by next Christmas, if we find a good sale, we'll be able to afford one.) Tyler has an interview this week with Grant Thorton. I'm sure it will go well. : ) We'll update next week!

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The Boring Family said...

I told Brian he should call and mourn with Tyler, but he said he'd be okay. About the kitchenaid, you can get a refurbished one for less than $200! I was looking just yesterday because we're going to all pitch in for Freida's Xmas and get her a pink one! But, maybe you could find lime green, or yellow, or something fun!
Love Ya!