Conference Weekend

GENERAL CONFERENCE: A bi-annual world conference of the Church, held in April and October, where members gather for five two-hour sessions to listen to instruction from Church leaders. General conference is broadcast via satellite from the Conference Center at Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Tyler and I had a lot of fun this weekend. Tyler's dad and little sister came out to visit and join us for the BYU football game and General Conference. The football game was great and we had really close seats in the south end zone. I love night games. And I love it when BYU wins. (We're ranked 18th this week!)

Saturday morning we watched General Conference, and then left right after it ended to drive up to Salt Lake for the afternoon session with Todd, Olivia, and Aunt Stephanie and her family. Because we were running late and the line to get in was so long, we barely made it into our seats about two minutes before it started. The entire conference center wasn't even filled until about forty minutes later! Go Mormon Standard Time. : ) Conference was great (as usual) and afterward we got a bite to eat at Crown Burger, which was also great, but overpriced and crowded. But then again, that's what you get for eating right after conference.

The boys all went to Priesthood session, and Aunt Stephanie and the rest of us headed back to Provo. Stephanie and I had a good, long chat that night and things were going great until Tyler called and told me our Explorer broke down. Again. I think it breaks roughly every three months. (Tyler is reading over my shoulder and he'd like to add a comment that it has broken every month.) We don't know what's wrong with it yet, but we are pretty sure it has something to do with the fuel pump or fuel filter again. We just replaced the fuel pump about five months ago, so we should have some sort of warranty or something on it, right? We'll find out tomorrow. But that really didn't make the weekend end so great, being car-less. Tyler's truck won't even start because the battery is dead and it doesn't have a parking break. (And the mirror did fall off, but Tyler's dad fixed it for us with gorilla glue at one in the morning last night.) Anyway, we'll figure it out soon. And I'll keep you all posted.

(That's all for now, folks...Tyler is making me watch Star Wars: Episode 1 because I've never seen it.)

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Courtney said...

I had a boy friend once who made we sit through all the Star wars movies- not too bad once you get into them.
Sorry about your car, that is aggravating.
P.S. Love the picture of you two at the game. It looks good enough to frame.