So a lot of you know there's been a bug problem in our house these past few months. Honestly, we can hardly keep it under control. Sunday night we found a GIANT hairy spider crawling across the room and Tyler shouted, "HOLY CRAP! THAT THING IS HUGE!!" I was in the kitchen but knew right away it was a spider, and a big one at that. (I knew it had to be really big if Tyler said something about it. Also, you can see the physical hairs on the spider's back. That's when you know it's big.) So Tyler killed it with a flip-flop and I pestered him for the entire night about spraying for bugs. The spider is now in a ziploc bag as evidence and I have eaten breakfast with it staring at me for two days straight now.

You see, we contacted our landlord a few weeks ago with a bug problem and to our knowledge they haven't sprayed the house yet. We called them up again a few times to remind them, and on Sunday night we left a message on the maintenance line stating we had just found a very large, hairy spider in our house and something had to be done. So do you know what happened? Today a maintenance man came and "sprayed" the windows and doors of our house with Hot Shot Spider Killer. It comes in a can and you can buy it at Walmart.

I'm really ticked off.

But at least he left a note, right? "I left a can of spider killer here. Feel free to use it." Thanks, Steve.

Really? Really? That is the best they can do to free our home from attacking bugs and hairy spiders?? Something has to be done.


Lauren's blog said...

OH MY GOSH!! That is little can of spray is not even close to adequate. Bugs terrify me and so I think you guys are way brave to put with the extra company this long

Nikki said...

Oy, I'm sorry to hear about your bug problem but I must admit I laughed at the part about you eating breakfast with the dead spider.

The Boring Family said...

Ahh, life as a newlywed in a basement apartment. I remember those days--and don't envy you one bit! I'm glad we never had spider problems. Our biggest issue was a heater that didn't work and a shower that didn't drain so it spilled onto the bathroom floor everytime we showered. Just remember, this too, shall pass. And as much as Tyler wants to post the "evidence" on your blog, I don't want to see a picture. Thanks!

Tyler & Robyn said...

Ewwww, ewwwww, EWWWWWWWWWW! I am so sorry to hear about this! We have spiders too and I don't even like going near them until Tyler has killed them. In the meantime, just pretend that you are Harry Potter living with the spiders in the cupboard under the stairs. :)