Oh boy...

It's quite humorous to me when people email me and ask for notes. If they want to ask in person, I'll be more than happy to give them notes, but if they email the ENTIRE 250+ lecture class asking for notes, that's when I get a bit ticked off. Such a thing happened today, starting with an email that went like this:
Hi ya lovely fellow students! I've missed school this week, you know under the weather like everyone else, so please could someone send me class notes from monday and wednesday SFL 260 9am class? Thanks a bunch!
I read it, and got a little ticked off that this person emailed both the 9am section AND the 10am section (which are the same exact class, each with 250+ people). I'm in the 10am section, but they are asking me for the 9am notes?! Whatever. I deleted it. (I usually do, unless the class is really small or I am feeling particularly kind that day.)
Alas, I (and the rest of the 250+ person class) got another email shortly after from another individual:
Okay, for all people who are sending out emails about getting notes from people it really needs to stop. We're all adults, be responsible and get to know one of your neighbors in class, tell them you are going to be out of town, or come back when you are feeling better after being sick, and ask them to borrow their notes. I am not trying to be rude, but like many others I'm sure, I have six classes so I get about six or seven emails a day, so if you could please refrain it'd be much appreciated. Thanks and have a good day.
Humorous, no? Tyler has been a bit ticked off lately that people email ENTIRE classes for notes they missed too, but he hasn't sent a nasty email...yet.  And yet another email came after that from another individual:
While we have all read many respectful requests to cut down on individual note requests, I'm just wondering how difficult it is for one to simply delete an unread message when it is of no concern to them? I don't mean to cause offense, but who are we to judge another's situation? We don't know if they have classes far away from each other and are pregnant, thus they are late getting into class, which would not allow them an appropriate opportunity to 'get to know' another student, whom they would ask for notes from. Or, what if a student was unexpectedly diagnosed with H1N1 (swine flu)? These students are asked to not come to class while they are contagious, and in many cases contagiousness has lasted over a week. These ill students will automatically fall behind and should not be penalized for missing class because of their illness. Shouldn't we be grateful that they are staying home and stopping the spread of the flu? My point is, that we are all in this stage of life together, what ever happened to giving your fellow student the benefit of the doubt, and helping them out when they needed it? We are in no place to judge, so either help your classmate out, or just click your delete button.
Ridiculous, guys. Make one friend in the class, people, and call it good.

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