Oh boy...part 2

In addition to the previous entry, I received several more emails:
This first one was titled, "Notes for Swine Flu Victims":
Here are my notes for Monday:
He talked about life insurance. HW due on Friday.
Pg 158-161

Notes for Wednesday:
He talked about life insurance and told jokes.
Pg 160-161, 164-166

 The one following this was equally funny:
I would just like to second my disgust at the emails number of emails I receive.

I am a full time student as well and with all the emails I receive it sometimes is difficult to not accidentally delete one of your emails requesting notes along with the 15+ emails I get selling me cIaLis or some other way to increase my manhood.

Inappropriate. These actions must stop! We're all adults--so leave me alone.

I have never bothered to use the filters on my email account because they just confuse me. It is therefore your responsibility to fix my problem for me.

It's time that you all grow up.

P.S. Please forgive my sardonic ways. It's a blessing... and a curse.

People need to get a life. Although I am enjoying these battles.

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Kim said...

Tyler and I talked about this in work thursday, when I also had one of these emails.

My teacher of a 250+ student class actually addressed this in class on wed. So when I got an email that asked for notes I had a hard time not responding, " The biggest thing you missed was that he asked people to stop sending emails to the entire class and to just make a friend...."