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So I have to admit that there are a few shows Tyler and I watch religiously. Yes, religiously. This list may or may not include 24, Flash Forward, Parks & Recreation, The Office and Glee. (It so happens I am listening to music from Glee right now. And I got made fun of a little for liking it at work yesterday. Yes, I am somewhat of what they call a "gleek".) NOTE: There are a few more we also love: The Big Bang Theory, The Bachelor(ette) (well, I do. I think Tyler will admit it is hilarious to watch) and Chefs vs. City. Wow, this makes it sound like we watch TV a lot. Shoot, maybe we do...

Anyway, a few of these shows have had horrible, horrendous season finales. Okay, I'm mostly referring to Flash Forward, but while watching Parks & Recreation and the Office we had no idea we were even watching the finales. Kind of lame, no? Flash Forward hooked us from the beginning, and as it turns out we are one in very few loyal fans who actually made it to the end. Maybe that's why the ending made absolutely no sense at all. What a disappointment, and now there will be no second season. Sad. However, this short article about it made me chuckle. :)

24 was amazing. Sad, but great. I won't even talk about it because I know most of you haven't seen it, and I can't ruin it for you. Besides, Tyler would make a better blog post about its eight-season + short tv movie saga.

Anyway, I don't quite know what the point of that post was. I just had TV on my mind and am wishing to be anywhere but at work today (not necessarily at home watching TV instead of work, no worries!). Happy Memorial Day Weekend! If you want to read a good article about celebrating it, go here and click on 5/28/2010. Go Daily Universe!

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