Oh, baby baby

Can I tell you how much I love the Jones family? They really treat me like their own daughter and are so sweet to me! Mom and Dad Jones sent us baby gifts in the mail this week. We received gender-neutral footsie pajamas, with a note reading, "I hope you guys will find out the sex of the baby so we can start sending better gifts. I don't like yellow." His mom makes us laugh so hard sometimes!

We also received a baby sweater from Grandma Jackie. I am so impressed - she knitted it herself! The details are amazing and it really is beautiful.

Thanks to everyone for welcoming baby! We find out the gender next Tuesday (!!!!!) so keep your eyes open because there will be a post! What do you all think - will it be a boy, girl, or perhaps one of each? I think Tyler will be pleased with either - he's just excited at the thought of us having "short, curly-haired children" - hobbit children. Great.


Courtney said...

Love that sweater! You guys are definitely loved. Congratulations!

Kim said...

You're my very favorite preggo person to read about because you're not gross and stuff! (but really)