Thanksgiving Point Pictures

Whew! We are long overdue for an update, aren't we?

Here's the dealio. We moved about three weeks ago, and I lost my camera charger in the process. Around that same time, my family and I spent the weekend together, which involved going to Thanksgiving Point. My camera died that day, and I never got around to charging it, and thus my record keeping has failed miserably!

But I'm catching up today. Here are pictures from our Thanksgiving Point trip!

Here was our attempt at taking a picture of all five kiddos.

Obviously unsuccessful because this is what happened two seconds later:

This was Sadie's mood pretty much the ENTIRE weekend. (But luckily Tyler managed to get some smiles out of her!)

Morgan was so excited to touch (and almost feed) the horse!

I was a trooper - I rode the "cow train" with all the little ones while all the other adults stood back and laughed. I somehow managed to choose the smallest cow of them all so I barely fit!

Uncle Tyler finally gave it a go too. :)


Courtney said...

We will never forget the cow train. BTW that was a special occasion, we go back all the time and they only have the pony ride and the wagon. So consider yourself extra special and thanks for taking one for the team.

Alicia said...

Haha, that cow train is awesome!