Bryce Canyon

Last weekend Tyler and I drove down to Circleville (pretty much the smallest town in Utah) to visit Tyler's grandma and grandpa. They have senior passes to Bryce Canyon, so we took a little drive and hiked a bit.
Tyler and I hiked to the bottom of this canyon.

Here I am on the way back up. The hike, called Navajo Loop, was straight down (took us 10 minutes) and then straight up (took us about 30 minutes). There weren't any flat resting places for the way up - no mercy! We did find this little viewpoint with shade though, even though it was out of our way. I think I was just disappointed because we had hiked to nothing. Yes, literally, to nothing. We arrived at the bottom and turned right back around to hike up again. How miserable!
Here we are with his grandparents. Knowing there are actually FIVE people in this picture? Priceless. :)


Anonymous said...
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Kim said...

Hiking down things is always worse than up them- mostly because once you get there and it ends up being uneventful, you at least already did the hard part.

Alie you're a hero... I would have complained even with out having to tote a baby.

Stephanie said...

It looks like you guys had fun!

I have a favor to ask. Would you mind sending me the info about that hotel you stayed in in NY? We're heading up to the city this coming weekend and aren't sure where we're going to stay. My email is stephaniehallbarclay@gmail.com. Thanks!