I usually think of crib mobiles as plastic, tacky, and - well, that just sums it up: plastic and tacky. But check out this super cute mobile from Jolie Petite Chose in Australia. Definitely out of our price range, but I love the design and the fabric.

On another note, since two fabric stores here in Oceanside have closed down recently, I'm having quite a difficult time finding fabric for baby Jack's crib sheets, etc. I (along with several nearby cities) am stuck with merely one (crappy) fabric store to go to, and it literally has nothing but granny fabrics. Old people shop there for their quilting/making-a-purple-hawaiian-shirt-with-matching-pants-for-my-husband (true story!). Any good resources for more vintage and/or modern fabrics with a decent price tag? (I love fabrics with big prints, and also loving the elephants above.)


Courtney said...

There is a quilt shop in Vista in a little house pretty close to Yardage Garbage. Very Cute! I would love to make one with you! This is one thing we've never had.m

Rhiona Ward said...

I know how you feel! After many unsuccessful trips to fabric stores, I gave up. You'd think finding modern fabrics would be a little simpler! Fabric.com is a great site that offers free shipping on orders over $35, and i believe free return shipping too. They have Amy Butler fabrics which i loooove :) Also if you use Amazon, there's great stuff there too!

lizzy said...


Don't know what the price range is like, but i often browse because their stuff is DANG CUTE!

Livy said...

Hi Alie!
I read your post and immediately thought of this little fabric shop in Oceanside called Maisonnette that opened up a while ago. I haven't been there yet but it looks like they have all sorts of cute designer fabrics like heather bailey and others.