Nursery Art

I'll admit I've been pretty bored these past two weeks while Tyler is full-time at work. I always thought I'd get to see him more when he was working full-time (compared to both of us going to school full-time) but I actually see him less. Weekends are nice though because he gets off around 3pm on Fridays, and then the weekend seems longer. :)

So to quench my boredom, I've been looking at art prints for Jack's nursery. Because we will be in an apartment, we are limited on what we can do (I don't even know if we can put shelves up or anything). I think his walls are a pale yellow color - fun for a baby room! I started designing yesterday and here is what I came up with. Let me know what you think!

I am thinking they will be 5"x7" prints on a nice white paper, and then with a black frame (shown in the picture). Tyler doesn't like the monkey, but after experimenting I thought it was best to stick with a theme (in this case, a jungle theme). 

However, I have been corrected by Tyler: only monkeys live in the jungle - giraffes and elephants live on the savannas. He suggested putting a lion instead, but I told him I like the uniqueness of the shape of the monkey. I told him all three belong together just fine - like the Lion King. He corrected me and said very matter-of-factly, "Simba only went to the jungle because he was a reject! Look how he turned out! He didn't even think he was a lion!" Oh Tyler, I love you. :)

[ On a side note, Jack is kicking and wiggling around like crazy now! It's so neat to feel him wiggling all the time! Sometimes it tickles. :) Also, we just found out my older sister is having a boy too, so Jack will have a play buddy! ]


Courtney said...

Oh how fun! I wish I had some money to spend on a nursery.
I think I would do the prints bigger. If they are going to be the focus of your decor.
Love you and so excited for Jack to have a buddy! We will have to do a matching outfit and get a picture while you guys still live here.

Courtney said...

Okay, so my boys room is going to be jungle- since I have two jungle pac'n'plays. So how can I make something like this? With a less scary monkey?