Jack's 1950's Crib

I am so glad my Dad insisted on keeping my Mom's old crib. My grandparents bought it in the late 1950's, and my mom (and her siblings maybe?) slept in it. Since then, about 20 babies have slept in it, including some of my nieces and nephews. It's still really sturdy and is a good size, and I love it! Once we're all finished with it, I bet something vintage like this would be worth a lot of money. But we're not selling it. :)

It definitely needs a new paint job. Above is our "before" shot. Since I am not allowed to be around harsh chemicals like wood stain, this job is up to Tyler! The color we chose is a little bit darker, and not quite as yellow. I have been working on the mattress and sheets, and I will repaint those little balls on it in brighter colors at the end. When it's all finished, I'll be so excited to show you the final product!

(Above the crib is shown with the front side down. I have made two 3" mattresses - so when Jack is smaller I won't have to bend down as far (I'll use both to make it 6"), and when he grows a bit I will use one and make it 3" tall so he can't climb out. Knowing Tyler, I think Jack is going to be one feisty little guy!)


Maria said...

I am excited to see how your crib and the whole nursery turns out!

Careful of the chemicals for baby too. If they are too harsh for you to use, they may be too harsh for baby to suck on. Baby will put his mouth on everything! Something to think about.

Linze Kate said...

Cute! It's going to be AWESOME once it's all "spruced up" for the little guy! I'm so stoked for y'all!