Padres Game

The company Tyler is interning for, KPMG, has really good front-row season tickets for the San Diego Padres. I think Tyler actually was able to give up his loyalty to the Dodgers for one night! (Yes, the seats were that good.) 

Too bad the Padres lost that night, but we had a blast anyway! Thanks for treating us, KPMG! :)

Here's the view from where we were sitting:


Nikki said...

WOW those are great seats!! Does that mean you can go to any home game this season??? I think we're going to a game next weekend but sitting way in the outfield, haha.

Alie said...

Nope, we don't get to go again. Well, at least in those seats. Those seats are reserved for taking out clients usually, but it happens that they didn't take anyone out that night so we got to go. But we get to go again toward the end of the month and sit in the western metal building! woo!

Linze Kate said...

Totally jealous... i.heart.the.padres.

The only way it could be better is reliving those Tony Gwynn days!