Jonesy Adventures

Wow, it's been sooo long! Tyler and I finished up a great summer in San Diego by attending the Del Mar Horse Races. I found it terribly dull and boring, but Tyler enjoyed it. In the least, it was fun to mingle and meet a few of his coworkers. Above is a shot of us on the bus to the races. As you can tell, we did not spend all summer at the beach. We're both pretty pasty!

The next day we met Tyler's family at Disneyland for the day. What a blast! Tyler really enjoyed riding the roller coasters with his brothers. I enjoyed, as usual, hopping the tracks and holding bags. :) Here are a few highlights from the day:

Todd and Suzy (with Todd's beard)

Tyler, of course, found Guitar Hero. I think he miraculously finds this game everywhere we go.

Teacups. Who doesn't love the teacups?

I guess you can't really tell, but Kendall and Ben both have really long legs and are over 6' tall. So with the four of them crammed into the teacup, their knees kept bumping against one another! They were still by far the fastest teacup!

ToonTown with Olivia and Tyler

Waiting in line for Indiana Jones. I'm really sad this picture is all blurry, and that I didn't have enough room to get Todd's face!

At the end of the day. We were all pretty much exhausted.

We ate a pretty good dinner by the lake. Thanks for the treat, Todd!

After the park, in Downtown Disney.

Thanks for a wonderful day, Joneses!

I should also mention that all of Tyler's hard work paid off this summer! We got a job offer with KPMG and are really excited about it. Tyler really enjoyed the company and the people he worked with.

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