DIY Onesies

Oh goodness, I've gone crazy deep into nesting mode. I am ready to have this baby! I think that is all that I talk about (and blog about - sorry friends!) these days, but it is all-consuming. I feel him wiggling and squirming and kicking and hiccuping all day ... with all that motion going on in your belly, how can you forget you're going to have a baby in just a few (six!) short weeks??

I almost (almost) forgot to show you all these ADORABLE onesies I made over the summer! I was very determined to complete the entire project myself, but alas I had to enlist the help of my mom. I think she understood completely, and realized that it really was harder than it looked!

They were pretty easy (the first part anyway) and inexpensive. I got the idea off of onesies I had seen on Etsy that sell for $12. I completed mine for under $2.25 each and have plenty of "kits" to spare for baby gifts! 

First, I drew the shape I wanted. Then I bought fabric (which was actually hard because of Oceanside's bare-bones selection) and the stuff you iron onto the back of the fabric (and then iron it onto the onesie - I forget what it is called). I only bought an 1/8th of a yard of each fabric, and was able to make 12+ designs for each 1/8th of a yard. I ironed the fuse stuff (forgive me, I clearly don't sew) to the fabric and cut each shape out. Then I ironed the shapes onto the onesie and voila! Almost.
Here is where my mom came in. I tried to do it myself, but honestly, you've got to have mad sewing skills to make it look good. Even Mom had a hard time with it, and she's been sewing her whole life. This is where I envied the people on Etsy and realized why they could sell these for $12+!! I started off machine sewing a very small stitch around the outside of the applique, but failed miserably. I couldn't even keep the straight edge of the tie straight! Hence, my mom came in and helped me (aka did them all). She was a rockstar. They aren't perfect, but pretty close (much closer than I came!) They look fantastic!

I wanted to make another one for my friend, so the other night I got out the iron and my sewing needles. I ironed it all on, and then hand-stitched the design on (see the tie picture). It took me about an hour or so to stitch the entire thing (I'm slow) but it was so worth it! I actually like it better hand-stitched, but the real test will be to see which one - the machine or hand-stitched - holds up better in the wash!


Alicia said...

I love that you blog about baby things all the time. I am so impressed with every post. You are going to be my inspiration one day when I have little kiddies.

Emma said...

i love these onesies, so cute!!