I'm in love with this highchair. Tyler calls is "expensive" and "one step up from a toilet seat". Just shows the differences in taste we have, apparently.

Also loving this one, but it looks a little short to me.

I think I can guess where they were trying to go with this one, but to me it would look like a Transformer was invading my kitchen.

This one looks like it came straight out of The Jetson's. No, thank you.

This one looks a little dangerous. How does your infant stay in this, again?

I think I'm in love with these booster seats. (And their website. I am in love with their website.) Can I have one in every color, please?

I don't know what we'll do for a highchair. Baby is due in six weeks (!!) but luckily he won't need a highchair for several months after that. Good thing I've got options, eh?

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Courtney said...

Love the booster seats! Those highchairs look fun, but way too hard to clean.