ABC Blocks

Look how darling these vintage ABC blocks are! I think if I can find blocks and scrapbook paper, I can easily make my own. But I want these...badly. (Jack doesn't have blocks yet! Luckily he doesn't need them for a while though, so I have time!)


Just found a tutorial from Martha Stewart. (Although I think I could have figured it out on my own...)


Courtney said...

You do realize he's just going to eat them! I'd make a few to look at, but certainly not worth the effort if they are to be played with.

Kim said...

Does she suggest coating them with anything? otherwise, your paper would be gross after they get spit on and touche with grimy hands. There needs to be a way to wash them I think?

But very cute!

Alie said...

Yes, Kim...you coat it with modge podge or something like that. Or even a coat of clear elmer's glue would work - that's non-toxic!
I was talking to my sister tonight and she said that it would need to be coated with something baby-proof (something that wouldn't be horrible if the baby digested it).