My DIY Mobile

Here is Jack's finished mobile! It was so easy and less than $2 to make! Go me. :)

I made pinwheels by cutting out squares from double-sided scrapbook paper. Then I folded the pinwheel in half (to make a triangle), and then the other way. I then cut about 2/3 of the way into the center on each fold. I used my itty-bitty holepunch to punch holes in one corner of each flap, and pulled them into the center and secured it all with a brad. Hope that makes sense. It wasn't hard. :)

Next I took three thin dowels, each about a foot long, and tied them together crisscrossed with brown, earthy hemp. I then tied on each pinwheel (I made them various sizes and lengths) and secured it with hot glue, which surprisingly works very well with wooden dowels! Then I screwed a U hook into the ceiling and tied it all on!

His nursery is finally complete, down to the diaper station and dirty clothes hamper (thanks Shannon!). (Tyler would like to interject here and say the nursery is indeed not complete because the only trash can in it doesn't have a lid. I was going to see how long that lasted with smelly diapers...which I don't think will be very long!) Now all we need is a baby to put in it! (Tomorrow I am 36 weeks which means 4 weeks from his due date!)


Mackenzie said...

Cute mobile!

Anonymous said...

How did you attach the string to the pinwheels?

Alie said...

I wrapped the string around the dowel several times, and knotted it on the top. I then used hot glue to keep it in place.

I'm sure a better method would be to drill a hole near the end of the dowel and loop your string through, but I didn't have a drill.

Anonymous said...

How did you attach the string to the paper pinwheels? Did you just wrap it around the brad?

Alie said...

I can't remember, but I'm thinking I probably wrapped the string around the brad, and you guessed it - hot glued it in place.