Baby K'tan Carrier

My older sister Courtney is due to have her fourth little one any day now. It's been fun living closer to her (she is seven years older than me and thus we haven't lived near one another since she went to college) and planning baby things together.

One thing I have always found tacky is baby carriers. I never thought I would ever use one, but now I am reconsidering! I definitely did not want to spend a lot of money one one, since I don't plan on using it too often. Courtney, being on her fourth child now, has gone through a few, and decided she likes the sling carriers the best. We both love the Moby Wrap, which is gaining in popularity among moms, but have you seen the yards and yards of fabric it is? I think I could stretch the one piece of fabric from one side of our living room to the other side of our kitchen, haha! And it seems like it would take a bit of practice to put on. 

Anyway, she came across the Baby K'tan, which is a carrier very similar to the Moby Wrap, but without all that fabric. Courtney has this incredible talent for copying sewing projects without having a pattern (remember our carseat carriers?), and with a little research she made us both K'tans! It cost a total of $10 for each of ours. Find her directions here

I put Jack in it the other day and he seemed to like it. He is a very good baby for putting up with me - I think I tried it on five or six times before I got the hang of it! He didn't mind being squished and shoved in there a few times. :) But now I see how (relatively) easy it is to put on, and I could totally use it for grocery store trips or something.

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