Blessing Day

Most religions bless their babies, including ours. We chose to bless three-and-a-half-weeks-old Jack Friday night when our families were still in town. His blessing was very neat and we'd like to extend a thank you to everyone who came. 

I think Grandma Roberts (Tyler's grandma) definitely called dibs on the baby or something because even when I'd pass him off to someone else, I'd turn my head and Grandma Roberts had him again! I guess the first great-grandson is a big deal...

Tyler's family:
Grandma & Grandpa Roberts, Tyler (with Jack), Todd Jones (Dad), Grandma & Grandpa Jones

Alie's Family (minus my brother and his family who weren't able to make it):
L-R top: Mackenzie, Brian, Tammy (Mom), Ben, Dale (Dad), Grandma Ginos, Alie (with Jack), Tyler, Rich, Courtney
Bottom: Sadie, Morgan, Madelyn, Afton

 Alie's Family:
Dale (Dad), Tammy (Mom), Alie (with Jack), Tyler

Tyler's Family:
Aunt Stephanie, Amy, Jonathan, Tyler, Alie (with Jack), Roy, Daniel 

Alie's Family (My parents with the grandchildren, minus a few):
L-R top: Benjamin, Dale (Dad), Afton, Tammy (Mom)
Bottom: Morgan, Sadie, Jack, Madelyn

Tyler's Family:
L-R: Grandpa & Grandma Jones, Kendall, Alie, Tyler (with Jack), Todd, Suzy, Olivia, Ben, Irwin, Aunt Kelly

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kwistin said...

oh, alie, you're just wonderful. i'm so happy for you and seeing these pictures just makes it that much more awesome and real. you're a mom. how cool is that.