Goodbye, sweet fall.

picture taken by my friend lauren
Isn't this picture gorgeous? It's my background on my laptop, and it makes me smile every time I get on the computer. I love autumn. It has always been my favorite time of the year. 
Growing up in San Diego meant that the fall season lasted extra-long because snow never came to take it away. The weather would get just a tad chillier - enough to pull out a heavier jacket (which basically meant a hoodie instead of a cardigan). But sadly, here in Utah the snow is coming quickly, and the beautiful auburn leaves that were on the tree outside my window now litter the ground.

My neighbor and I went on a walk today and it made me a little sad knowing that snow is coming soon. I don't know how much fun it would be to take Jack on daily walks in the snow. I think both of us would just be miserable. Another thing I am grateful for: Tyler's job next year. He will be working for KPMG, and we will get to move to lovely San Diego again. This means no more snow. I can't wait to never shovel a walkway again, never slip on ice, and never have to scrape a thick layer of ice off my windshield. After five (somewhat miserable) years in Utah, I think Tyler and I decided we never want to leave California again.

I found this scarf on Etsy and fell in love with it. I don't even know if I could pull a look like this off, but isn't it gorgeous? Made by gsakowskidesigns.

And p.s. Jack slept so much better last night! Thank you everyone for the advice! His temperament has already improved greatly (yesterday he was barely fussy at all) since we fixed his bottle. He now gets a little bit more tummy time (this helped him burp a lot this morning) and a really good massage from Mommy. I think he feels much better already.

Something just made me laugh and I couldn't resist sharing it with you:
In preparation for the new Harry Potter movie, last week in BYU's Daily Universe (the school newspaper) they sorted each major into a Hogwarts house. Tyler's major is part of the business school, which was sorted into Slytherin. (All art majors, including mine, were sorted into Ravenclaw.) Erik Hatch, who is in Tyler's major, cleverly remarked: “That’s why everybody in
the Tanner building wears suits, to cover up their Dark Marks.” 

Too great. :)
To read the entire article, go here and click on 11/12/2010. This will load the PDF of last Friday's newspaper.

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That's too funny about the people in the business school wearing suits to "cover up their Dark Marks." I'm so glad you shared that!