An Attitude of Gratitude, Part 2

My heart is so full of gratitude towards my husband today.
After last night, I can't help but thank my husband publicly. He deserves it. The man is wonderful.

Jack is showing signs of colic (which is completely normal, but frustrating to a new mommy), where he won't settle down at night. For the past week or so it has been in the evenings, from 5pm to 11pm. He won't sleep or eat much and he is just all around a fussy little baby. It's quite draining to a parent because he likes to be cuddled and hates it when I set him down. So my arms are pretty much dead and I am tired all the time.

Yesterday I did my research and I think the problem is that he is inhaling too much air when he drinks out of his bottle, which in turn makes him very gassy. He gets lots of bubbles stuck in his tummy, and burping doesn't do much to help him. The poor little guy is uncomfortable and in a little pain because of it, and thus can't settle down and cries a lot. Hopefully I have fixed the problem and he will feel better soon. (I found out the bottle's lid was screwed on too tight, not allowing proper ventilation.)

Anyway...back to why Tyler is so amazing. He is currently a full-time student, and working to provide for our family. He comes home every night from a long day at school and work and cranks out homework, and then wakes up to do it all over again the next day. Because I am at home with Jack all day, we decided I am the one to wake up with him in the night. Makes perfect sense. Except last night Jack was colicky and fussy and screaming the entire night. (I am used to him sleeping in 4 hour stretches at night.) Needless to say, I rocked and fed and swaddled and did everything I could think of for over 2 1/2 hours to try to get him to go back to sleep. I was unsuccessful and exhausted and sobbing by the time I regretfully woke Tyler up to try to soothe him. TWICE last night, when it wasn't his turn, Tyler spent about 45 minutes soothing Jack and putting him to sleep. I don't know how he does it, but Jack is so much calmer with him. And then this morning, Tyler got up and went to work and school. He is a rockstar.

Basically I just want to point out that I am so grateful for my husband. I couldn't do it without him. One of the happiest feelings in the world is seeing Tyler with baby Jack. He loves to play and cuddle and smile at Jack, and it just melts my heart every time I see the two of them together. It is amazing how your love for your husband grows so much after you see him with your son.


The Boring Family said...

I totally know what you mean that your love grows when you see your husband with your baby (sorry, it's not sons for us!). I remember loving Brian even more when he saved the day with our newborns! Way to go, Tyler!

Kamie said...

Oh so sorry about little Jack!! Have you tried massaging his tummy? Everytime I think Ari needs to go #2 or is gassy, I do "spider fingers" on his tummy from the outsides in and it always works wonders! (He pretty much poops are feels relieved right after!) If he gets gassy again, see if that helps. Hopefully the bottle discovery works! You are such a good mom!

Jessi Pierce said...

Oh Alie! I'm so sorry! I wish I would have known! Next time he is gassy, come on over, and I can show you something Johanna showed me. Do you have gas drops? Those work well, too. Oh goodness...Come on over!