He's growing so so fast!

This little boy loves to talk. He will lay in his crib, waiting to be picked up after nap time and just talk and talk and talk. He takes after both his Mommy and Daddy!
He is growing so fast I can't keep up! Can't he stay small like this just a little bit longer?
(Although he is a lot more fun to play with now that he is a bit older, and I know it will only get better!)

Our good friends Alex & Kamie knew we really wanted a bear suit. They brought one for baby Jack as a gift the other night! We are so excited for him to wear it all winter!!

I'm not too sure if he's thrilled about wearing it, but we love it anyway!

After his bath the other night, Jack's hair dried like this. Now he's got a little flip in the front and it's so cute! I love that we can make his hair do pretty much whatever we want (even straight or curly) depending on how we dry it.

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Kamie said...

Oh I absolutely LOVE that on him!!!! I'm so glad you guys like it! It was so great to see you all the other night. We'll have to do it again soon!