Newborn Clothes

 First off, doesn't this scene just melt your heart? Jack is very picky and will only snuggle like this with Daddy. Lucky man, Tyler is.

Secondly, look at this handsome boy.

When buying for the new baby, we didn't anticipate needing many newborn-sized clothes. After all, when they say "0-3 months", that includes newborn, right? Zero is newborn, is it not?

Wrong. Poor Jack doesn't fit in ANY of his 0-3 month clothes yet, and it seems as if he is far from it. (When I know, in reality, "he will grow so fast!") We only bought three newborn outfits, thinking he would grow really really fast. He has grown really fast already (he's actually got fat on his calves now and chubbier cheeks!) but still swims in 0-3 month clothes, and likely will for a few more weeks. And as the weather here in Utah is getting colder and colder (31 degrees and light snow today) I've needed to keep him dressed in more than just thin, white onesies. 

Luckily that's where Walmart comes in. Can I just rave about how much I love Walmart onesies and sleepers? The Faded Glory brand is so thick and warm - much higher quality than our Carters sleepers. (And they are made of organic cotton, if you're into that kind of stuff.) And the best part is, the onesies are only 2 bucks a piece, and the sleepers are only $5! Last night we hit up Walmart go get more binkies (he hates the orthopedic ones, but loves the ones with the nipple shaped like his bottle) and I grabbed another onesie and another sleeper. And bonus: the sleeper was on sale for $3. Yes, $3. What a steal. He looks so handsome in it, don't you think?


Courtney said...

Little Jack is so stinking CUTE!!!! I want to come see you again, maybe I can get rid of some kids for a little while and come down.

gbrooks said...

Awww, what a sweet little boy!

And way to go to 8.5cm all on your own! That is so awesome. It may not be what you originally planned, but birthing is painful work!