Jack had lots of visitors this past week, and sadly we weren't able to take pictures with all of them. But here are a few pictures of the weekend:

Todd, Tyler's dad, came to visit.

Jack loves tummy time with his daddy, and short amounts of playtime on the floor.

I'm so lucky I get to see this scene replayed every.single.day. One of the best things about starting a family is seeing your husband bonding with his son. Makes me all warm&fuzzy inside. :)

Erin came to visit...

along with Lindsay, Matt, and...

Josh and Amanda!

(Lindsay and Matt especially enjoyed "dancing" with Jack. Thriller was pretty comical.)

I finally got to put away all my pregnancy clothes on Saturday. Look who finally fits into her BYU football shirt again!! (I never bought maternity pajamas - I just kind of borrowed Tyler's medium-sized shirts. Although near the end it became a problem when I started stealing lots of his pj shirts and he didn't have any to wear...)

Jack is doing fantastic! He is so alert and awake, but calm most of the time. He really doesn't cry all that much (yet). The past two nights I've gotten quite a bit of sleep - he has slept for four hours at a time! I've frantically woken up at 2:30am the past two nights, wondering if he was still breathing, haha! So I wake him up a little to feed him, and he falls asleep again within an hour. Then I get three to four more hours of peace and quiet before he gets restless and wakes up. Really, not bad at all! (But don't get me wrong - the first three nights at home were awful - he would fuss and want a bottle every 45 minutes or so the entire night.) So hopefully I can get him on some sort of a schedule soon. We're still working on getting him to eat a full 2oz. of milk at each feeding though. But he'll work up to it. :)

It's really fun to just be a family. It's strange, but I can't picture my "old life" with just Tyler and I anymore. I can't imagine Jack not being in it. When he was first placed on my chest after birth, I was in a bit of shock at that point. I kind of just looked at him and thought, "wow...you came out of me?" I expected to bond with him instantly the minute I saw him, but I think I was just so surprised I had just birthed a baby that I just kind of stared at him. I had always pictured in my mind this great movie scene of Tyler and I crying and smiling and laughing...but honestly, it really wasn't like that at all. I was smiling, but moreso out of shock of holy-cow-who-is-this-little-man? Am I really your mom? Am I ready for this? Are you sure?? Luckily while they cleaned him up and checked him out a little I had time to collect my thoughts and let reality sink in. In a good way. I was finally a mom. I'd waited nine+ months for this. I'll admit it was awkward holding him at first. I haven't been around very many babies, and whenever I hold someone else's baby I am terrified I'll accidentally drop it somehow. But gradually I got more and more comfortable with the fact that Jack was part of our family now. He was really finally here on earth with us. It was a surreal feeling (still is, actually). It's been amazing to see how fast motherly instincts kick in. One minute you know absolutely nothing about taking care of a newborn, and the next minute you feel like a pro. :)

We love you, little guy. We're so glad you're part of our family.

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