Turkeyless Day 2010

Anyone have a cool Thanksgiving holiday tradition? Tyler and I make fried chicken instead of turkey. Our children will most likely grow up turkey-deprived, but when neither of us like the dry meat why spend hours cooking it? And don't even get me started on turkey leftovers...yuck! So fried chicken it was last Thursday. Some people think we're insanely awesome for 'sticking it to the man' and wish they could come to our house for turkey day. Others (mainly my dad and Tyler's family) prefer turkey, which is cool too. Just no turkey at our house, please. :)

Suzy & Todd Jones (Tyler's parents) with Jack
This past weekend, Tyler's family and my family were able to come visit us. I'll admit it was a looong weekend (why do we both have such big families?!) but we thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to all who drove out to blizzardy, snowy Utah to visit us. Well, to visit baby Jack, anyway. Let's admit it: that's the real reason people came to visit. Tyler and I aren't interesting anymore - it's Jack who steals the show! 

Tyler's little sister Olivia

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Kim said...

Cam's dad is Celiac, so they Grill their turkey so it doesn't need flour. The grilled turkey isn't try at all, it was fantastic!