Ethan Peregrine and Jack Dalton

Jack (5 1/2 weeks) and Ethan (1 week)
Remember how my sister had her baby a little over a week ago? We finally got to go visit them this past Saturday and meet the little man. He is adorable and so snuggly! How quickly you forget how little your own baby was just a few weeks ago.

I find this one humorous - Mei and Afton found it necessary to include their new dollies in the picture. For size comparison, of course.
Ethan is so much tanner than Jack! And yet Jack is still much tanner than his mommy...
Before they were born, we were almost certain a one month Jack would be the same size as a week old Ethan. But surprise, surprise! Jack has grown so much! I weighed him at my six-week doctor's appointment today and he was a whopping 11 lbs. 3 oz.! He's not super baby-fat chubby though, he is just long and lean. He has almost outgrown some of his sleepers because they aren't tall enough!

Also, when my sister was holding Jack, look how he curled up into a ball! Adorable!
(Isn't Courtney's new haircut cute??)

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Courtney said...

I love Jack curled up in a Ball!!!