Oh, Chrismas Tree

Because we move so much (third time in two years!) Tyler and I haven't invested in a Christmas tree yet. We do love our little ones though, so it might be a few years before we upgrade to the real deal. We have a 9' garland that I hang our ornaments on, and I'll admit I actually love it more than I would a tree.

Jack's Great Grandma Gleim (say that three times fast!) got him this ornament!
This is my favorite ornament. Band was such a huge part of my life in high school - it really influenced who I am as a person.
There's a tradition in the Jones family (and I think a lot of other families too) to hide a pickle in the tree!
My mom has participated in 'ornament parties' (for as long as I can remember) where everyone makes and exchanges ornaments, and thus she has hundreds (if not a thousand, perhaps?) of ornaments. A few years back she literally ran out of room on our tree and started hanging ornaments on garland throughout the house. Best idea ever! So that is exactly what I did this year. I sorted through our boxes of ornaments, chose my favorites, and hung them up. "Look how festive I am!" is my catchphrase of the season. Even Jack loves looking at the pretty lights every night.

I also will participate in an ornament exchange this year with my sister. I made poinsettia flowers out of paper:


Courtney said...

Your house looks great! I love the ornament you made. The pearl bead is perfect in the center.

Lauren said...

that pit ornament is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!