Lone Star Taquiera

don't you just want to snuggle up with him?

I really wish Salt Lake City was a tad bit closer. Maybe a 20 minute drive instead of 40? Nonetheless, Jack was pretty good for the ride. 

We started off by going to IKEA, which is always fun and eventful. I can't wait to decorate our home with more IKEA furniture in the future, starting off with a new kitchen table. Tyler picked one out for us, but luckily I get dibs on picking out the chairs. :) We're waiting til we move to San Diego next year to purchase a new table so we don't have to move it.

We then went to a fantastic Mexican restaurant about 5 miles east of Salt Lake City downtown. It was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on Food Network, and since we're big Guy Fieri fans, we just had to check it out. Best idea EVER. The place was FABULOUS. Whoever decides to come visit us next, we're definitely going there. Seriously, it is worth the drive. 

It's called Lone Star Taquiera and it's at 2265 Fort Union Boulevard in Salt Lake City. Fantastic service and absolutely delicious, legit Mexican food (the "legit" part comes from Tyler, who actually lived in Mexico for two years so I highly value his opinion when it comes to this.) Go check it out. I had the carne asada burrito (super moist and tender carne asada), but Guy Fieri also raved about the sea food they have. I think it changes daily. We also got glass bottled coke imported from Mexico, which is a must-have if you've never tried it. They use real sugar instead of corn syrup and the taste difference is huge. I first had it in Mexico on our honeymoon, and I've been sold on it ever since. We each got our own, but the bottles are so big you could easily split one between two people.

And last but not least, here are some pictures of our little family in Temple Square. I just love it there, especially during Christmas time. But we didn't realize it was family night (us Mormons have what we call "family home evening" each Monday night) so it was really crowded. Plus it was the last Monday before Christmas, which also didn't help. But I think Jack had a good time. (He pretty much slept the entire time, which to me equates to a fantastic night out!)

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Anonymous said...

AWWW, jack is getting so big and handsome!! We hope to meet him someday soon! We love IKEA too but the only one around us is at the Airport an hour away, I guess its a good thing, otherwise I would be there ALL the time, I love to just walk through and look at everything! (Although it kinda is so overwhelming when we go, I almost panic just because there is so much to look at!)
Oh and by the way, if you can justify the $20.00 Costco sells the Coke made in Mexico, Brandon loves it too but it doesn't ever get it! Oh and I think they just got in the Pepsi too.